GSoC 2015

Chart Search (GSoC15-wk8) – Making returned data more useful

This week had been yet another week in which we have been trying to make the results from the Chartsearch module as much useful as we can, below are bullet daily accomplishments.

As part if these tasks, I have had several lessons learnt this week as i ventured to use flotcharts to graphically display data and include a nice user experience as addition to just displaying it.

Sunday, 12/07/2015
+ Added funtioning Providers and Locations filters      [CSM-99]
+ Re-factored views_factory to remove non used code
+ Fixed bug in ChartSearchNonFacetFiltering#applyNonFacetingLogicWhileSearching  
Monday, 13/07/2015
+ Added obs groups to keyboard navigation     [CSM-109]
+ Fixed some bug in displaying obs js methods     [CSM-109]
+ Fixed some small bug in locations and providers filters      [CSM-99]
Wednesday, 15/07/2015
+ Removed loading icon on filtering
+ Removed duplicate observation singles from Results at the left    [CSM-92]
Thursday, 16/07/2015
+ Adding selected obs single severity marks under history
+ Fixed some small bug in #setResultsJsonAndApplySelectedFilter
+ Hiding graph when it shouldn’t appear or be drawn     [CSM-86]
+ Showing last value onto the graph in addition to history     [CSM-86]
+ Labelled Axises with Value and Time     [CSM-86]
+ Supporting time scaling on X-axis on the graph     [CSM-86]
Friday, 17/07/2015
* Public holiday; Eid day
+ Increased chartsearch version on openmrs-distro-referenceapplication for test purposes    [CSM-111]
+ Re-set version to 1.2 on distro server
GSoC 2015

Chart Search (GSoC15-wk7) – Time, Providers and Locations filters

Here is yet again another week of great progress, We have successfully fixed Time, Providers and Location filters by implementing it’s functionality afresh.

Here are the daily updates:

Sunday, 5/07/2015
+ Designed a simpe useful display of a detailed appointment result and fixed some compatibility issues     [CSM-82]
Tuesday, 7/07/2015
+ Added allergies and appointments category filters    [CSM-108]
Wednesday, 8/07/2015
+ Re-directing to Login page when connecting to the server while session is closed   [CSM-72]
Thursday, 9/07/2015
+ Fixed some bug in Default search and set things up to fix time filter     [CSM-99]
+ Added some js methods to support the new time filter      [CSM-99]
+ Supported all other time filters except custom    [CSM-99]
+ Added Current Year section onto the manage History page   [CSM-103]
Friday, 10/07/2015
+ Fixed some bug in time filter, left only with custom option      [CSM-99]
+ Provided an extra informative message when indexing is in progress at first chart load     [CSM-75]
+ Added a way of choosing custom date range for time filter      [CSM-99]
+ Fixed keyboard navigation after user applies a time filter        [CSM-99]
+ Added a fully working custom date selection time filter        [CSM-99]
Sunday, 12/07/2015
+ Added funtioning Providers and Locations filters      [CSM-99]
GSoC 2015

Chart Search (GSoC15-wk6) – Released ChartSearch Module 1.3

As a gift to the OpenMRS community during this week which has been the mid-term evaluation week, I released ChartSearch Module version 1.3 and do welcome user’s reviews and feedback of all kinds. Here is a summary of what i have worked on this week on a daily basis:

Sunday, 28/06/2015
+ Included Returned allergies after search among returned results  [CSM-59]
Monday, 29/06/2015
+ Designed a simple useful Allergies detail’s display and fixed compatability issues  [CSM-59]
Tuesday, 30/06/2015
+ Added allergies to search suggestions   [CSM-100]
+ Fixed Bug in Editing bookmark feature   [CSM-81]
Wednesday, 1/07/2015
Thurday, 2/07/2015
+ Mid term evaluation
Friday, 3/07/2015
+ Indexed patient’s Appointments and returned them to the client side     [CSM-82]
Next week i hope to finish displaying patient appointments at client level and replace graph, I welcome suggestions and feedback on the graph ticket above, comments can be added here on on the ticket at:
GSoC 2015

Chart Search (GSoC15-wk5) – Finishing Allergies Indexer

This week, i have had some limited time having lost my maternal grandpa, however i have successfully finished writing the Allergies Indexer and fixed quite a number of several other bugs in addition to looking forward and planning for the next chartsearch 1.3 Release. As a crowning task, i have created a mid term presentation which can be accessed from: Here is a summary of what i have been able to accomplish this week on a daily basis.

Monday 22/06/2015
+ Fixing bug within AllergiesAPI Indexer    [CSM-59]
+ Will be resolving more bugs and writting the allergies display before i plan CSM-1.3 Release
+ Failed to re-reproduce CSM-74, Must have been solved while working on other tickets    [CSM-74]
Tuesday, 23/06/2015
+ Fixed CSM-98 and interface org.openmrs.module.allergyapi.api.PatientService component not FOUND
Wednesday, 24/06/2015
– Out of work (LOST my maternal Grandpa)
Thursday, 24/06/2015
+ Fixed all issues with the allergies indexer and returned them in the json from the server  [CSM-59]
+ Getting ready to release CharSearch Module 1.3   [CSM-106]
Friday, 25/06/2015
+ Supported auto searching on clicking Select All and Clear links on category filter    [CSM-107]

Thanks for reading through my update

GSoC 2015

GSoC15-week4 Managing Notes and Indexing allergies

This week, i have had to complete part of the work that was left pending last week and worked on the allergies Indexer.

Monday, 15/06/2015
+ Indexing and searching allergies Implementation Planning    [CSM-25]
+ Began writting the SQL to fetch the data from the Database     [CSM-25]
Tuesday, 16/06/2015
+ Finished adding allergies entity at data-config.xml      [CSM-25]
+ Wrote allergies searcher   [CSM-25]
Wednesday, 17/06/2015
+ Fixed bug CSM-104
+ Added basic display for Managing Notes
Thursday, 18/06/2015
+ Supported deleting grouped as well as one Note(s) on manage Notes page
+ Supported editing or updating comment and priority on Notes manager
Friday, 19/06/2015
+ Provided a must pass JUnit Test for bamboo to pass
GSoC 2015

Chart Search (GSoC15-wk3) – Managing History and Bookmarks etc

Having set out to accomplish some great things, am happy to mention that i have succeeded in getting most on my very tight timeline done as you can read through this my daily updates:

Sunday, 7/6/2015

+ Supported deleting a note only if one is it’s owner   [CSM-90]
+ Solved history bug that was stopping saving similar searchphrase for another user   [CSM-102]
+ Made it possible for the user to see if the search has notes and bookmarks after each search by change of icons   [CSM-90]
+ Re-designed suggestions section to provide better Close link   [CSM-100]
Monday, 8/6/2015
+ Supported 2 recent history and 3 bookmarked searches to be available as quick searhes   [CSM-84]
Tuesday, 9/6/2015
* Public holiday: Heroes day
+ Supported another way of getting onto the chartsearch page using launcher under system administration   [CSM-95]
Wednesday, 10/6/2015
+ Displayed History on Manage History section/tab    [CSM-95]
+ Fixed Date bug to show time and timezone at DB level
+Supported grouped deletion of history from the History Manage page.    [CSM-95]
+ Fixed ^ blocker. (Supported selecting a patient by use of patientId or uuid)
+ Replaced chart search form serialize with a pre-defined json data injection into the controller
Thursday, 11/6/2015
+ Replaced passing tab paramemeter via URL to chartSearchManager page with appending a #page-link
+ Supported re-labelling Category filter wheever a searcher is done from all available ways
+ Supported searchiing with Quick Searches.      [CSM-84]
+ Removed X/Reset option being that what it would do is already supported through other ways
Friday, 12/6/2015
+ Supported Managing Bookmarks (Editing, Deleting etc) And Fixed more JQuery issues such as delegate among others:   [CSM-103]
Sunday, 13/06/2015
+ Supported selecting a default search from saved bookmarks which searches the saved phrase and automatically applies the attached category filters    [CSM-83]

Managing tabs functionality for Notes and also Preferences

CSM-87        Model a way of indexing module’s patient data 
CSM-59        Search Allergies + Problem List .
+ Pending tasks for this week if Time allows.
GSoC 2015

Week Two – Bringing in the user saving ability

This week has been another very tight scheduled one for me, working to allow the user save bookmarks, notes etc onto particular searches from the the chart search module. Here are some daily updates:

Sunday, 31/05/15
+ Fixed bug to show right search history against the right patient and to the right user/owner  [CSM-102]
+ Showed default suggestions even when no match is found from history.    [CSM-102]
Monday, 1/06/2015
+ Supported searching using synonyms from the concept dictionary   [CSM-78]
+ Solved JSON.parse error when search phrase from history contains double quotes   [CSM-102]
+ Fixed display bug in time, location and provider’s filters.  [CSM-99]
+ Supported Adding and removing bookmarks at the UI/Client layer   [CSM-81]
Tuesday, 02/06/2015
+ Supported and removing bookmarks at both API and Database layers   [CSM-81]
+ Supported full saving of bookmarked searches which keeps record of the categories as well  [CSM-81]
Wednesday, 03/07/2015
* Public Holiday in Uganda/ martyrs day
+ Supported displaying a list menu on chartsearch page where all bookmarks can be viewed to lanche/delete each  [CSM-81]
+ Supported a menu sort of display where bookmarks are listed  [CSM-81]
+ Supported deleting bookmarks from their display list  [CSM-81]
+ Supported searching using selection of an existing bookmark  [CSM-81]
Thursday, 04/07/2015
+ Added more features to ChartSearchManage page and availed links to each tab from patient’s chart search page.  [CSM-95]
+ Supported “” as initial default search or a phrase of the most recent history if it exists   [CSM-83]
+ Added chartsearch Notes at both API and Database layers  [CSM-90]
+ Fixed some foreign key name duplicates error 121
+ Supported display titles for delete history and bookmark icons.
Friday, 05/07/2015
+ Created basic design/UI to later work as the Notes widget   [CSM-90]
+ Supporting display of both personal and global notes   [CSM-90]
+ Fixed functionality of the notes feature, Will be handling more design issues as well as any bugs   [CSM-90]


MANY Thanks once again to my mentor KAYIWA DANIEL (dkayiwa) for all the support throughout this week