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Some Blockers

Here are some blockers i need some help on:

The first one is that i want that when one checks all the checkbox on the category filter, then it changes the label on the filter button like element to “All category” and so i have created a way of achieving this, according to external test tools like jsfiddle jbin etc, what i want is running well but fails to run within the ref app


here is what i have:

JS Bin

Another bug is one for selecting each category intem by clicking on its link and then search, this also works an an external testing tool but fails in the ref app: here is something similar to what i have



check and uncheck checkboxes using two links in a drop down

Hi guys, when i needed to check and uncheck a number of check-boxes on my page, as in the demo, at http://jsfiddle.net/FvKZW/5/ i had to write that simple working example, i thought it can be important to some one else so i have decided to share this via this post.

This is the jQuery:

var jq = jQuery;
jq('#selectAll_categories').click(function (event) {
    jq('.category_check').prop('checked', true);
    return false;

jq('#deselectAll_categories').click(function (event) {
    jq('.category_check').prop('checked', false);
    return false;

and here is some html;

<a href="#" id="selectAll_categories">Select All</a>&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp<a href="#" id="deselectAll_categories">Deselect All</a>
										<br /><hr />
<input class="category_check" type="checkbox" name="diagnoses">Diagnoses <a href="#">(1)</a>

<br />
<input class="category_check" type="checkbox" name="labs">Labs <a href="#">(121)</a>
<input class="category_check" type="checkbox" name="meds">Meds <a href="#">(103)</a>

<br />
<input class="category_check" type="checkbox" name="orders">Orders <a href="#">(1002)</a>

<br />
<input class="category_check" type="checkbox" name="reports">Reports <a href="#">(198)</a>

<br />
<input class="category_check" type="checkbox" name="vitals">Vitals <a href="#">(12)</a>

<br />
    <input class="category_check" type="checkbox" name="others">Others <a href="#">(34)</a><br /><hr />

Please let me know if this has been helpful to you?


Hostel online booking system

Hi dear reader;

i have just recently created a new system for our university hostel that will be helping the hostel management to keep records of students details, that is students posts, replies, booking and payment among others, and this video tutorial will take you briefly through the general user’s over view of the system.

I hope this was of a cerain help, in-case it was, please reply on how it has impacted you or what you think needs to be added, you can visit the testing site for the system directly from http://slhostelbugema.com/





Eclipse IDE shortcuts

Ctrl+Space:        auto-complete

Ctrl+Shift+T:       open type

Ctrl+Shift+R:       open resource

Ctrl+H:                 advanced search

Ctrl+K:                 find next

Ctrl+Click / F3:    open selected class

Ctrl+Shift+F:       format selection
                             eclipse allows us to add a formatting xml file that defines the format/structure of our code     called a file formatter, most applications define there’s and i think already eclipse comes configured to use the one inbuilt, to add a formatter file; useWindow -> Preferences -> Java -> Code Style -> Formatter -> Import button,

Ctrl+1:                   quick fix


Best linux commands and shortcuts you should always keep in mind

I have created this tutorial or article basing on Ubuntu, Release 12.04 (precise) 32-bit, Kernel Linux 3.2.0-17-generic-pae, GNOME 3.4.2  as the experimented on Linux distribution.

Realizing that there are some commands that i frequently run as a linux user, forced me to learn of most frequently used commands on the linux platform that i share in this article.

there are some things that may disturb your mind yet indeed there solutions are very simple and short, say forexample,

Redocking a slide pane in Open Office Impress

it took me some time to find out that this is done by simply clicking Ctrl + Double-click(Left) on the gray area that contains the “slides” word or label on the Slide Pane window or View

Such crucial solutions as that are the ones that i capture in this post,

There are several navigation shortcuts, but i believe that these are very important so far,

Alt + Tab                      ;   Navigate through several windows on the same workspace,   you can also use

the Button  with ~ character on HP to preview the window

Ctrl + Alt + Letf/Right   ;   Move or switch from one workspace to another

Ctrl + Alt + D                ;   Minimise all the open windows on that particular workspace

Bash/Terminal commands



sudo                               ;   interpreted as Substitute of user do

sudo su                   ;   used to log in as root or a root user, this prompts for input of your password, and to

install softwares from packages downloaded from the Internet, we log in as root

chown                            ;   used to change ownership of a file

cd ~                                ;   go to your /home/username   directory

cd –                                 ;   go back to the directory that you were previously in.



GSoC -2013 – Project proposal

Project title:

Scripting Module and Data Integrity Module enhancement

IRC Nick: k-joseph

Email: kaweesi.joseph2012@gmail.com

Short description: The scripting module will allow for any of the various JSR-223 compliant scripting languages ( like JavaScript, AWK, Ruby, FreeMarker, Groovy, Jaskell, Jelly, Beanshell, Jexl, Jep, JudoScript, Pnuts, Python, Scheme, Sleep, Tcl, Velocity etc, ) to be processed or managed by invoking its service, implement a user friendly UI for managing, editing and running scripts, persist the scripts in the database, and also protecting OpenMRS data with read-only privileges except when specifically allowed by an administrator. etc

Introduction or Project Overview:

OpenMRS is currently using the groovy Module, which was created to embed Groovy in OpenMRS and also to serve as the base module for other modules that want to use Groovy scripting too, unfortunately the module supports for only groovy written scripts, and so I very much appreciate that OpenMRS is planning through GSoC 2013 to have a scripting module that supports all or most scripting languages,

Am glad to be proposing for this project and my idea is to automatically support any JSR 223 -scripting complaint languages, I plan to do this by adding the JSR-223 jar archive file that comprises of the JSR-223 – complaint languages on the class-path thus including libraries for several of them.

JSR-223 provides support for scripting programming languages to the Java platform, and all these supported scripting languages are accessible through a standardized API, for JSR-223 as I illustrate below, and referenced at http://docs.oracle.com/javase/6/docs/technotes/guides/scripting/programmer_guide/

diagram 1.


diagram 2.


Having established the protocol that I will use to include other scripting languages, I then will here illustrate in much abstract and yet clear data flow diagram to supplement by idea. Referring to diagram 2.


Processing or Managing Scripts

I plan to manage the various scripts of the JSR-223 complaint languages by:

Invoking or processing a call to a service of the language, like;

Persisting and Retrieving Scripts to the OpenMRS database;

ScriptService scriptService = Context.getScriptService()

Script jsScript = scriptService.getScript(1);

Changing or modifying the script and persisting the changes to the OpenMRS database;

ScriptService scriptService = Context.getScriptService()

Script groovyScript = scriptService.getScript(1);



Since the Scripting module will add to the OpenMRS data model, then I will be creating DAOs and Services as I have mentioned that above under managing scripts.

See also in,

diagram 3.


UI mock-ups

Script Editor:

Am to implement a Script editor window that is very user friendly and allows;

creating and accessing several script files via tabs inside the main script window,

The user can create, run and manage scripts, via the icon based UI that am planning to implementation,

The Script name shall be accessed and changed or renamed by either clicking the Script name field or right clicking the script to rename under Scripts files and then selecting rename, among the several options like, execute/run, save as, save, edit etc that I plan to implement there,

When the use has typed in the script field, the script, he/she can run the script by clicking the run icon, and the script out put is displayed down under the Result field if all goes well, else there is a problem with the script being run, the scripting module generates an error log, under the Stack trace field, Consider the illustration below,

diagram 4.


Managing Scripts:


The user will be able to manage several scripts at the same time, I intend to either use css or tables to structure the manage Scripts page, I plan to have fields for script name, the user name who created the script, date when it was created, last modified by, date when modified, and Action.

For the case of the user, that is the currently signed in user, I will be applying Authentication and Authorization to fulfill this task, as illustrated at the wiki page

Under the Action field, I will be adding various actions, like delete for deleting that particular script in that same row, execute/run for opening the Script window in a new tab and running it, rename, clone script etc, as to how I will expand in my knowledge during the process, I will add all those actions in only one drop down box, Refer to the illustration below

diagram 5.


I will be maintaining the openmrs page structure/ layout all over my added pages in this module task,

Notice that this is not the final plan I have for this project is concerned and I will be expanding in knowledge and learning new things that I may not as yet know from now.

Being open minded and receptive to new ideas will help me to be much more productive than I may have planned in this proposal, In case there is any thing any developer want me to add or change, I will be grateful to receive assistance on how I can perfect my proposal. Thanks very much.


Proposed Development Schedule:

12th, May – 19th, May – Getting familiarized with OpenMRS related projects such as data integrity module, groovy module etc and the Scripting API in wider coverage.

20th, May  – May, 23rdResearch further on the requirements of the Scripting Module and preparing a design for the Scripting Module project.

17th, June – 12th, July – First phase of development or coding begins,

19th, June – Implementation for the Script Editor begins.

14th, July – Plan mid-term evaluation and submission.

15th, July – 28th, July – Write all the test cases for the first development stage.

29th, July – 1st, August – Begin on the Second phase of development, implementing managing Scripts capabilities.

2nd, – August – Mid-term evaluation deadline;

4th, August – 30th, August –Second phase of development.

1st, September– 13th, September – Conclude the second development phase.

15th, September – 20th, September – Documentation, code review and refactoring, Writing the remaining unit tests, and insuring that all tests pass.

23rd, September – Pencils down.

27th, September – Final Evaluation, begin submitting required code samples to goolge.

List of Deliverables:

  • The Scripting module in .omod format, upload the omod file to the Module repository.

  • The source code on github

  • OpenMRS wiki page technical document and user guide for the Scripting module.

1. Who are you? What are you studying? 

I am KAWEESI JOSEPH, pursuing a bachelors degree in Software Engineering and Application Development at Bugema University located in Uganda, East Africa.

2. Please provide the URL to your wiki personal space. (If you don’t have one yet, please create one.)

My personal space is found at the url, https://wiki.openmrs.org/display/~k.joseph/Home 

3. Why are you the right person for this task? 

I am very much excited and hoping that by the grace of God, if my application is concidered, i will indeed have one of my best experiences ever, I think am the right person to work upon the task of; Scripting Module and Data Integrity Module enhancements   because am hardworking, i have had a good quality time before with the openmrs API, i have fixed a good number of ticket issues or bugs, i like researching on things that i may not be sure of, and best of all, i have already began undertaking a vast research on my project, and to be sincere, am having the preparation already running very smoothly and fine, i have had a good study in JavaScript, as well as Java, and now also getting well with scripting in Java, so i think i am that best choice that you are looking forward to receive for that project, better still, am not having any commitments during this summer, besides studies, yet am about to begin a vacation in three weeks time from now until next semester for over three months, all that time, I have fully planned it for my project preparation and implementation.

4. Do you have any other commitments we should know about? 

I do not have any commitments for this summer, I have fully sacrificed it for my GsoC project, and in a period of at-most three weeks from now am getting my holidays where I have at-least three months just for my project preparation and implementation.

5. List your Java experience.

I have worked with Java for at-most a year and in that period i have written some applications, and still i have seriously worked on openmrs introductory and some module tickets for over 5 months,

6. List your web interface experience. 

I have engaged in building web interfaces for quite some time, since i began my first semester in August 2012, and i can work with HTML, xml, css, and JavaScript, to some extent,

7. List any previous experience working with open source projects. (This experience is not a requirement.)

I began to work with open source with openmrs and indeed it has been one of my greatest experiences, seeing my code integrated into the openmrs-core upstream code bank, and all that I have so far experienced with open source project development is wow or a marvelous experience as I have worked with git, maven, among other tools within that period of time of at-least five months,

8. Please provide links to websites created by you and/or source code examples. 













9. Do you have experience with Spring/Hibernate/DWR/HL7/Tomcat/MySQL/AOP? (Experience with any/all is not a requirement.) 

I have a little experience with Spring/Hibernate/Tomcat and quite some good experience with MySQL

10. What is your preferred method of contact and how should we reach you with it? (phone, email, Skype, IRC, IM, etc.) 

My best and preferred method of contact is via email, and then also phone call or an IRC chat, does it well, as Less often use Skype. These are my contacts details in precedence flow from top to bottom;

My email address is: kaweesi.joseph2012@gmail.com

My IRC nick name: k-joseph

My Mobile phone number is: +256791763663

Skype address: kaweesi.joseph

11. Please include your IRC nickname used when visiting our channel previously. 


12. Provide ticket numbers of any patches/code you have committed to the OpenMRS code base.