About Me



I am KAWEESI JOSEPH, a graduate in Bsc in Software Engineering and Application Development, Am a Christian and one of my treasured moments is the time i commune with God and with the brethren for God’s sake.
I like reading Books, the Bible of course as my first priority and the Spirit Of Prophecy, i spend most of my time coding/Computer Programming, for that is my next priority in precedence, and i normally program in Java, i really like writing code for java web based projects.

Riding is another interesting thing i like doing both for my transportation and for fun,  next to exercise 🙂

I participated in Google Summer of Code for 2014 and  Google Summer of Code for 2015 as a a successful student and enjoyed so well the program in a theme; code and save lives, Currently volunteering at OpenMRS as well as working with Jembi Health Systems as a Software Developer.

I have also participated as a students’ mentor in Google Code in 2014 program.



Michael Downey

Open source software activist & informatics PhD student

Joseph is one of my favorite OpenMRS contributors. He’s always looking for new ways to make a difference and help others, and I really admire his positive attitude! Although he missed his first chance at working with OpenMRS in Google Summer of Code 2013, he stuck around our community, learning and helping others until 2014 when he participated as an excellent student. After that, he eagerly volunteered to be our Platform 1.11 release manager, taking on work that is often tedious and thankless. Well, it’s thankless no more because I for one really appreciate all he has done for OpenMRS and our fellow community members. Thank you, Joseph!

February 10, 2015, Michael managed joseph indirectly at Bugema University



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