GSoC 2015

Chart Search (GSoC15-wk12) – Completing GSoC Project

It has been a nice marathon this summer which was my second and probably last year of working on Google Summer of Code. I believe that the work i began last year towards the chartsearch module has been brought to the level where the community can trust and use internationally. I hope to continue supporting the module and welcome any contributor to join while being thankful to some that have already come aboard like Nicholas Folk.

Here are some daily updates for this week.

Sunday, 15/08/2015
+ Added some good comments onto chartsearch module classes to easen Collaboration     [CSM-89]
Monday, 17/08/2015
+ Added some class commenting     [CSM-89]
Tuesday, 18/08/2015
+ Added Cummins Regex and added more class comments    [CSM-25]
Wednesday, 19/08/2015
+ Renamed remotes/upstream/1.4 to remotes/upstream/1.4.x
+ Released 1.4.1 maintenance release    [CSM-116]
+ Finished writing and submited my #OMRS15 hackathon proposal
+ Merged Nicholas Folk’s openmrs-module-chartsearch/pull/73 PR    [CSM-89]
+ Removed empty space from colors selector on Notes dialog at
Thursday, 20/08/2015
+ Added number of items from History to details on select at
+ Don’t update comment field background on saving a note at
+ Successfully set up The current 2.3-SNAPSHOT reference application locally to contribute to Admin UI sprint
Friday, 21/08/2015
+ Claimed and working on RA-569

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