GSoC 2015

Chart Search (GSoC15-wk12) – Collaborating & Releasing 1.4

Hi dear reader;

This week has been another wonderful one, i have worked together with Nicholas Folk, Guiding him through and reviewing his code, This has given an opportunity to collaborate during this task. Here is a summary of bullet points on what i have been able to get done on a daily basis.

Monday, 10/08/2015
+ Planning for openmrs dependency updates app with php and nginx
Tuesday, 11/08/2015
+ Fixing compatibility issues to run chart-search with openmrs 1.12.0-SNAPSHOT/Java 8
Wednesday, 12/08/2015
+ Code Review
+ Ran chartsearch module successfully on java 8 preparing it to run with 1.12.x
+ Updating saved preferences on save/update     [CSM-95]
+ An allergy can have more than one reaction      [CSM-59]
+ Branched off chartsearch 1.4 from master to support maintenance releases  []
+ Manually Prepared ChartSearch 1.4 Release     [CSM-116]
Thursday, 13/08/2015
+ Released ChartSearch Module 1.4     [CSM-116]
Friday, 14/08/2015
+ Working on an OpenMRS related proposal 🙂

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