GSoC 2015

Chart Search (GSoC15-wk11) – Customizing category display names under preferences

I just noticed having forgotten to post my last week’s update earlier enough after checking on because initially i could do that after receiving a weekly update link from the GSoC managers, Michael and Suranga.

So then i decided to immediately post it in a meantime, here is what i did through the previous week organized in daily achievements;

Sunday, 2/08/2015
+ Added display name poperty onto CategoryFilter object     [CSM-95]
+ Added support for defining preferred names to display under category filter     [CSM-95]
+ Fixed some small bugs under category display naming   [CSM-95]
Monday, 3/08/2015
+ Fixed customizing category filter names   [CSM-95]
+ Including Category Description onto the chartSearchmanager#preferences section     [CSM-95]
+ Fixed bug in ChartSearchServiceImpl#addSingleObsToJSONToReturn     [CSM-95]
Tuesday, 4/08/2015
+ Added feedback functionaly     [CSM-113]
+ Added support for user’s adding their personal colors for Notes     [CSM-95]
Wednesday, 5/08/2015
+ Removed both Commands and Settings tabs from     [CSM-85]
Thursday, 6/08/2015
+ Eagelry responded to Nicholas Folk the intereted contributor to wor on     [CSM-89]
+ Updated CSM-86

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