GSoC 2015

Chart Search (GSoC15-week10) – Preferences

Almost every important application offers the user ability to get customize and set up some things to his/her preference.

This week has been another good week for me this summer, Most of the tasks i have done were supporting preference where users can configure some things to their preference within the chartsearch module, here is my summarized weekly update;

Monday, 27/07/2015
+ Graph:Fixed time scalling bug on time axis     [CSM-86]
+ Added ChartSearchPreferences class     [CSM-95]
+ Added Work-around fix for CSM-112     [CSM-112]
+ Fixed some small bug in Editing Note on managment page
Tuesday, 28/07/2015
+ Added API play-station for ChartSearchPreference      [CSM-95]
Wednesday, 29/07/2015
+  Returning preferences to the client level       [CSM-95]
Thursday, 30/07/2015
+ Developer Forum
+ Supported Saving/Updating and Restoring Preferences      [CSM-95]
Friday, 31/07/2015
+  Added support functionality for configuring toggle preferences      [CSM-95]
+  Escaped JSON to pass to client using UiUtils#escapeJs     [CSM-105]

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