GSoC 2015

Chart Search (GSoC15-wk8) – Making returned data more useful

This week had been yet another week in which we have been trying to make the results from the Chartsearch module as much useful as we can, below are bullet daily accomplishments.

As part if these tasks, I have had several lessons learnt this week as i ventured to use flotcharts to graphically display data and include a nice user experience as addition to just displaying it.

Sunday, 12/07/2015
+ Added funtioning Providers and Locations filters      [CSM-99]
+ Re-factored views_factory to remove non used code
+ Fixed bug in ChartSearchNonFacetFiltering#applyNonFacetingLogicWhileSearching  
Monday, 13/07/2015
+ Added obs groups to keyboard navigation     [CSM-109]
+ Fixed some bug in displaying obs js methods     [CSM-109]
+ Fixed some small bug in locations and providers filters      [CSM-99]
Wednesday, 15/07/2015
+ Removed loading icon on filtering
+ Removed duplicate observation singles from Results at the left    [CSM-92]
Thursday, 16/07/2015
+ Adding selected obs single severity marks under history
+ Fixed some small bug in #setResultsJsonAndApplySelectedFilter
+ Hiding graph when it shouldn’t appear or be drawn     [CSM-86]
+ Showing last value onto the graph in addition to history     [CSM-86]
+ Labelled Axises with Value and Time     [CSM-86]
+ Supporting time scaling on X-axis on the graph     [CSM-86]
Friday, 17/07/2015
* Public holiday; Eid day
+ Increased chartsearch version on openmrs-distro-referenceapplication for test purposes    [CSM-111]
+ Re-set version to 1.2 on distro server

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