GSoC 2015

Chart Search (GSoC15-wk7) – Time, Providers and Locations filters

Here is yet again another week of great progress, We have successfully fixed Time, Providers and Location filters by implementing it’s functionality afresh.

Here are the daily updates:

Sunday, 5/07/2015
+ Designed a simpe useful display of a detailed appointment result and fixed some compatibility issues     [CSM-82]
Tuesday, 7/07/2015
+ Added allergies and appointments category filters    [CSM-108]
Wednesday, 8/07/2015
+ Re-directing to Login page when connecting to the server while session is closed   [CSM-72]
Thursday, 9/07/2015
+ Fixed some bug in Default search and set things up to fix time filter     [CSM-99]
+ Added some js methods to support the new time filter      [CSM-99]
+ Supported all other time filters except custom    [CSM-99]
+ Added Current Year section onto the manage History page   [CSM-103]
Friday, 10/07/2015
+ Fixed some bug in time filter, left only with custom option      [CSM-99]
+ Provided an extra informative message when indexing is in progress at first chart load     [CSM-75]
+ Added a way of choosing custom date range for time filter      [CSM-99]
+ Fixed keyboard navigation after user applies a time filter        [CSM-99]
+ Added a fully working custom date selection time filter        [CSM-99]
Sunday, 12/07/2015
+ Added funtioning Providers and Locations filters      [CSM-99]

2 thoughts on “Chart Search (GSoC15-wk7) – Time, Providers and Locations filters

  1. hi man !
    greetings from india.. !
    congrats on being a part of GSOC for 2 years ; i am a secon year undergrad in computer science and want to be a part of gsoc’16..and open world on the whole…
    any suggestions from your side…
    thanks in advance !

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Siddharth,
    Nice to hear from you and greetings from Uganda to you guys.
    Welcome, surely working on GSoC for 2 years now has been a great pleasure to me.

    Now that you are interested in participating next year, my advise is choose an organization(s) which feature each year like OpenMRS and begin contributing source code so that the community members may become used to your usefulness.
    Then submit a good well written proposal for one or more projects your organizations will post and wait on for their acceptance as you do more research, Research perfectly, speak to the community members as much as you can to be sure you have it right. More so, be sure your mentor knows about you, your proposal and get his/her feedback about it.

    Most students lay back waiting until they have skill to write good code so that they can begin to contribute code to open source projects but my view is; skill is obtained as part of contributing to the projects 🙂



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