GSoC 2015

Chart Search (GSoC15-wk5) – Finishing Allergies Indexer

This week, i have had some limited time having lost my maternal grandpa, however i have successfully finished writing the Allergies Indexer and fixed quite a number of several other bugs in addition to looking forward and planning for the next chartsearch 1.3 Release. As a crowning task, i have created a mid term presentation which can be accessed from: Here is a summary of what i have been able to accomplish this week on a daily basis.

Monday 22/06/2015
+ Fixing bug within AllergiesAPI Indexer    [CSM-59]
+ Will be resolving more bugs and writting the allergies display before i plan CSM-1.3 Release
+ Failed to re-reproduce CSM-74, Must have been solved while working on other tickets    [CSM-74]
Tuesday, 23/06/2015
+ Fixed CSM-98 and interface org.openmrs.module.allergyapi.api.PatientService component not FOUND
Wednesday, 24/06/2015
– Out of work (LOST my maternal Grandpa)
Thursday, 24/06/2015
+ Fixed all issues with the allergies indexer and returned them in the json from the server  [CSM-59]
+ Getting ready to release CharSearch Module 1.3   [CSM-106]
Friday, 25/06/2015
+ Supported auto searching on clicking Select All and Clear links on category filter    [CSM-107]

Thanks for reading through my update


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