GSoC 2015

GSoC15-week4 Managing Notes and Indexing allergies

This week, i have had to complete part of the work that was left pending last week and worked on the allergies Indexer.

Monday, 15/06/2015
+ Indexing and searching allergies Implementation Planning    [CSM-25]
+ Began writting the SQL to fetch the data from the Database     [CSM-25]
Tuesday, 16/06/2015
+ Finished adding allergies entity at data-config.xml      [CSM-25]
+ Wrote allergies searcher   [CSM-25]
Wednesday, 17/06/2015
+ Fixed bug CSM-104
+ Added basic display for Managing Notes
Thursday, 18/06/2015
+ Supported deleting grouped as well as one Note(s) on manage Notes page
+ Supported editing or updating comment and priority on Notes manager
Friday, 19/06/2015
+ Provided a must pass JUnit Test for bamboo to pass

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