GSoC 2015

Week Two – Bringing in the user saving ability

This week has been another very tight scheduled one for me, working to allow the user save bookmarks, notes etc onto particular searches from the the chart search module. Here are some daily updates:

Sunday, 31/05/15
+ Fixed bug to show right search history against the right patient and to the right user/owner  [CSM-102]
+ Showed default suggestions even when no match is found from history.    [CSM-102]
Monday, 1/06/2015
+ Supported searching using synonyms from the concept dictionary   [CSM-78]
+ Solved JSON.parse error when search phrase from history contains double quotes   [CSM-102]
+ Fixed display bug in time, location and provider’s filters.  [CSM-99]
+ Supported Adding and removing bookmarks at the UI/Client layer   [CSM-81]
Tuesday, 02/06/2015
+ Supported and removing bookmarks at both API and Database layers   [CSM-81]
+ Supported full saving of bookmarked searches which keeps record of the categories as well  [CSM-81]
Wednesday, 03/07/2015
* Public Holiday in Uganda/ martyrs day
+ Supported displaying a list menu on chartsearch page where all bookmarks can be viewed to lanche/delete each  [CSM-81]
+ Supported a menu sort of display where bookmarks are listed  [CSM-81]
+ Supported deleting bookmarks from their display list  [CSM-81]
+ Supported searching using selection of an existing bookmark  [CSM-81]
Thursday, 04/07/2015
+ Added more features to ChartSearchManage page and availed links to each tab from patient’s chart search page.  [CSM-95]
+ Supported “” as initial default search or a phrase of the most recent history if it exists   [CSM-83]
+ Added chartsearch Notes at both API and Database layers  [CSM-90]
+ Fixed some foreign key name duplicates error 121
+ Supported display titles for delete history and bookmark icons.
Friday, 05/07/2015
+ Created basic design/UI to later work as the Notes widget   [CSM-90]
+ Supporting display of both personal and global notes   [CSM-90]
+ Fixed functionality of the notes feature, Will be handling more design issues as well as any bugs   [CSM-90]


MANY Thanks once again to my mentor KAYIWA DANIEL (dkayiwa) for all the support throughout this week


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