GSoC 2015

Week One, Building the designs

Week one of GSoC 2015 has been tight on me, with a tight timeline, i had to work more than 50 hours this week to solve 6 problems i had in plan, Am glad that i have managed to commit and push code to github openmrs-module-chartsearch branch for all of them most which were design issues.

Here are some summary of tasks accomplishment day by day over this week;

Sunday, 24/05/15 
+ Installed java 8 and succeeded switching from it to java6 back and forth. 
+ Compiled openmrs-core/1.12.0-SNAPSHOT and chartsearch 1.3-SNAPSHOT sucessfully on java8 
+ Switched back to java6 and set up OpenMRS 2.2 which i will be developing against.  
Monday, 25/05/15 
+ Added Chart Search extension point to 
+ Added a page to manage Chart Search Module 
+ Added physical search saving components to the ChartSearch page UI 
+ Added display components to show up onclicking the search saving UI components 
+ Added summary display of number of found results  
Tuesday, 26/05/15 
+ Properly displayed retrieval time every after a search next to number of results 
+ Added djazayeri, burke, dkayiwa, raff, wyclif, tgreensweig, jcummins, maurya, paul to watch my 30 CSM tickets: 
+ Added API support to provide suggestions as the user types search text 
+ Finished supporting concept Names that the current patient has observations for as suggestions including in the UI 
+  Fixed bugs previously reported and noticed about categories filter
Wednesday, 27/05/15
+ Displayed categories with 0 counts
+ Supported closing suggestions and searching immediately when user presses Esc key while typing in search text
+ Fixed keyboard navigation bug [CSM-101]
+ Supported updating NavigationIndex whenever a result is selected using mouse click
Thursday, 28/05/15
+ Modified Results summary display as suggested [CSM-93]
+ Supported dynamic Category filter labelling as categories are being selected. [CSM-79]
+ Supported search history at both the API and database layers  [CSM-102]
+ Provided a soon to be replaced, ‘for try-out’ display of search history on the chart search patient page   [CSM-102]
Friday, 29/05/15
+ Supported suggestions based on history after providing a better history display  [CSM-102]
+ Supported deleting search History. [CSM-102]
MANY THANKS TO Daniel, My mentor for all the support and reviews

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