GSoC 2014

Last week of GSoC 2014 – Refactoring code

Hi, am glad that we have now almost come to the end of Google Summer of Code for this year since for me this week has marked the end of coding for GSoC 2014, this week i have been mainly refactoring previously written code, here is my progress on a daily basis.

GSoC- Chart Search Module For Ref App | & OMRS 1.11 Release
Monday 11/08/2014
I did  OPenMRS 1.11 tickets testing and adding feedback to tickets and feedback page.

Tuesday 12/08/2014
I did more OPenMRS 1.11 tickets testing and adding feedback and also wrote  some Chart Search Module documentation

Wednesday 13/08/2014
I wrote testing invitation emails to all Reporters of 1.11 tickets and announced 1.11 test sprint 1 results

Thursday 14/08/2014
I responding to some 1.11 testing feedback ,write some tests for the Chart Search Module, editted previous test sprint pages, and then i created 1.11 testing sprint 2 pages after which i sent out invitations for people to begin the testing,
The second iteration for testing OpenMRS 1.11 tickets began this day at 19:00 UTC

Friday 15/08/2014
I wrote more testcases for chat search module the editted to add release notes for Chartsearch 1.1 release
I then Refactored the CSM’s projects’ code see ticket: CSM-66 and CSM-67


I have not had blockers and am so thankful to OpenMRS and Google Summer of Code for the opportunity given me to work on the Chartsearch module as my project this summer,

Just a reminder i wrote my final presentation post and added a video which you can find  here


regards 🙂


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