GSoC 2014

Week 11 – Adding different indexing policies

Hi dear reader,

Am so glad that since GSoC 2014 began, I have been adding weekly update blogs, please check my other blogs in this category for reference.

Here is once again another wonderful week of development, from Monday to Friday I have been working on Adding different indexing policies to the Chart search module in addition to indexing one patient at a time when the user accesses either the chart search main page.

Monday 28/07/2014

  • Added a way to index many documents without specifying a patient see
  • Added ChartSearchCustomIndexer to handle the above behavior.
  • Added some support for retrieving patient data using openmrs API . But for now, i used jdbc connection from within the openMRS api to run query to get data from the OpenMRs database.

Tuesday 29/07/2014

  • Cleared issues with indexing, the user can now index any specified number of documents without specifying a particular patient
  • Began working on a way to return logs back to the view as process progresses
  • Sent out welcome emails for OpenMRS 1.11 testing sprint , being the OpenMRs 1.11 release manager

Wednesday 30/07/2014

  • Did lots of work on OpenMRS 1.11 test sprint , updating pages, responding to feedback etc

Thursday 31/07/2014

  • Set up and installed openmrs reference application with the chart search module for people to test out the module and return their feedback.
  • Sent out emails about the module; testing and ways of obtaining user’s feedback
  • Attended the OpenMRS Developer forum
  • Spoke to some Ugandan contributors about testing 1.11 sprint and invited them to take part
  • Did some work on 1.11 test sprint

Friday 01/08/2014


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