GSoC 2014

Last week of GSoC 2014 – Refactoring code

Hi, am glad that we have now almost come to the end of Google Summer of Code for this year since for me this week has marked the end of coding for GSoC 2014, this week i have been mainly refactoring previously written code, here is my progress on a daily basis.

GSoC- Chart Search Module For Ref App | & OMRS 1.11 Release
Monday 11/08/2014
I did  OPenMRS 1.11 tickets testing and adding feedback to tickets and feedback page.

Tuesday 12/08/2014
I did more OPenMRS 1.11 tickets testing and adding feedback and also wrote  some Chart Search Module documentation

Wednesday 13/08/2014
I wrote testing invitation emails to all Reporters of 1.11 tickets and announced 1.11 test sprint 1 results

Thursday 14/08/2014
I responding to some 1.11 testing feedback ,write some tests for the Chart Search Module, editted previous test sprint pages, and then i created 1.11 testing sprint 2 pages after which i sent out invitations for people to begin the testing,
The second iteration for testing OpenMRS 1.11 tickets began this day at 19:00 UTC

Friday 15/08/2014
I wrote more testcases for chat search module the editted to add release notes for Chartsearch 1.1 release
I then Refactored the CSM’s projects’ code see ticket: CSM-66 and CSM-67


I have not had blockers and am so thankful to OpenMRS and Google Summer of Code for the opportunity given me to work on the Chartsearch module as my project this summer,

Just a reminder i wrote my final presentation post and added a video which you can find  here


regards 🙂

GSoC 2014

GSoC 2014 Last coding week – Releasing ChartSearch 1.1


Great thanks to you dear reader for following up my weekly posts from when we began eleven weeks before, it has been my great pleasure to share with you how i have been progressing until this time when we are almost ended with this year’s Google Summer of Code.

In the last twelfth week, i have been fixing lots of bugs that were noticed by several users and community members that tested the module after i released the first version, you can check out these bugs and other proposed features from

After fixing a majority of those bugs and working on quite a number of new features, i finally on Friday released the next version of the Chart Search Module, version 1.1, the new version can be obtained from the openmrs module’s repository and also you can straight away test the module from


Am so thankful to the Google Summer of Code and OpenMRS for the opportunity provided to me throughout the previous three months, for me to be engaged in such great development of this module.


Some Blockers

Here are some blockers i need some help on:

The first one is that i want that when one checks all the checkbox on the category filter, then it changes the label on the filter button like element to “All category” and so i have created a way of achieving this, according to external test tools like jsfiddle jbin etc, what i want is running well but fails to run within the ref app


here is what i have:

JS Bin

Another bug is one for selecting each category intem by clicking on its link and then search, this also works an an external testing tool but fails in the ref app: here is something similar to what i have

GSoC 2014

Week 11 – Adding different indexing policies

Hi dear reader,

Am so glad that since GSoC 2014 began, I have been adding weekly update blogs, please check my other blogs in this category for reference.

Here is once again another wonderful week of development, from Monday to Friday I have been working on Adding different indexing policies to the Chart search module in addition to indexing one patient at a time when the user accesses either the chart search main page.

Monday 28/07/2014

  • Added a way to index many documents without specifying a patient see
  • Added ChartSearchCustomIndexer to handle the above behavior.
  • Added some support for retrieving patient data using openmrs API . But for now, i used jdbc connection from within the openMRS api to run query to get data from the OpenMRs database.

Tuesday 29/07/2014

  • Cleared issues with indexing, the user can now index any specified number of documents without specifying a particular patient
  • Began working on a way to return logs back to the view as process progresses
  • Sent out welcome emails for OpenMRS 1.11 testing sprint , being the OpenMRs 1.11 release manager

Wednesday 30/07/2014

  • Did lots of work on OpenMRS 1.11 test sprint , updating pages, responding to feedback etc

Thursday 31/07/2014

  • Set up and installed openmrs reference application with the chart search module for people to test out the module and return their feedback.
  • Sent out emails about the module; testing and ways of obtaining user’s feedback
  • Attended the OpenMRS Developer forum
  • Spoke to some Ugandan contributors about testing 1.11 sprint and invited them to take part
  • Did some work on 1.11 test sprint

Friday 01/08/2014