GSoC 2014

Week 10 – Testing OpenMRS 1.11 and adding privilege checks for CSM


Moving forward after releasing Chart Search Module, this week i have handled privilege issues for the chart search module, say what should happen when the current logged in user doesn’t have privileges to see certain information!!! Here is a detailed update for this week’s work that i have been doing.

Monday 21/07/2014

  • I checked out another ticket CSM-5 which i began working on and added an initial commit for it, then opened up a new pull request.
  • I installed OpenMRS 1.11 on a remote test server,
  • Started a testing sprint, see.
  • Attended Project Management call.
  • Attended Design forum.

Tuesday 22/07/2014

Wednesday 23/07/2014

  • Upgraded the remote OpenMRS 1.11, to the currently built after pulling with rafal’s merge
  • Updated the Testing OpenMRS 1.11 Release Tickets sprint pages
  • Continued work on CSM-5, about privileges with chart search module.

Thursday 24/07/2014

  • Increased OpenMRS 1.11 remote test server memory, etc.
  • Added a commit for CSM-5, | privileges | later merged into the module’s github repository.
  • Planned to work on other Chart issue ticket.

Friday 25/07/2014

  • OpenMRS 1.11 release testing.
  • Blog post.
  • Weekly update.



Finally, this week has been quite a good one with time spent on OpenMRS 1.11 testing related issues and also working on GSoC CSM-5 which i resolved.

I hope to have yet a good next week working on both testing Chart Search Module and OpenMRS 1.11 by engaging the OpenMRS community 🙂


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