GSoC 2014

GSoC 2014 – Week 9 Update – Releasing Chart Search Module 1.0

Hi dear reader, here is my update for this week, by the way, this is the week in which we have released the first version of our Chart Search Module for Reference Application 🙂

Monday 14/07/2014

– Worked on CSM-55,

– Committed and opened up a Pull Request, see

– Tried to attend the project management call

Tuesday 15/07/2014

– Cleared url issue with ajax to link directly to fragment controller method

– using @RequestBody JSONObject to send data from search page to controller as phrase, patientId, categories

– Spl the passed JSONObject to use passed objects from the ajax/view and using it to search and retrieve results.

– Blocker: (1) Ajax Call

+ Communicated with my mentor about the above blocker and cleared it

+ Finished work on search with ajax

+ Supported searching when a delay of 2s in typing is detected

+ Supported searching with double quotes without adding a backward slash before them

+ Supported displaying detailed results for the first result

Wednesday 16/07/2014

+ worked on updating category filter on every searching

+ Supported keeping checked categories checked after a search

+ Added the above commit that was later merged into repo repository

+ Passed by on University call

+ Participated in OpenMRS’s Social hour

+ Planned for 1.0 release for Chart Search Module


+ Worked on OMRS 1.11 Release, setting up test server.

Thursday 17/07/2014

+ Built skip test 1.11 war file to deploy on live server , but wouldn’t deploy

+ Developer Forum

+ Then proceeded with Chart Search Module Release

– Blockers: (1) while

running clean install of omrs1.11/api

+ Prepared Chart Search Module’s release

+ Performed Chart Search Module’s Release

Friday 18/07/2014

+ Released Chart Search Module 1.0

+ Created initial documentations for Chart Search Module

+ Uploaded Chart Search Module 1.0 to module’s repository

+ Wrote a weekly blog post

+ Submitted a weekly update


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