GSoC 2014

GSoC 2014 – Week 8 Update – Searching With AJax

Hi dear reader, am glad to be sharing with you again another update for what I have been working on the whole of this week,

Summery of tasks:

  • Hand over all search functionality of the chart search module whether it is by pressing search button, or pressing enter or pressing OK button on the categories filter UI component to Ajax, instead of reloading the whole page.

  • Automatically update search results without clicking “search” on the chart search page.

  • Et-cetera.

I had of a thought of creating another ticket for the first task but never theless I decided to work on it while working upon the second as it described in this ticket.

With this week’s task, I have been working with Ajax, jquery and SpringMVC for my first time and it has been a nice learning experience for me, I have gone over several pages over the internet trying to solve these issues and done a lot of reading and side applications testing, where by I had to create several small webapps about this and how to achieve it,

At first I worked upon it and was returning a full page from the server which I would then populate on to the whole body but I knew that this of-course much time consuming and a bad practice so I advanced in rather returning grenerated search results from the controller on to the view, and I had to look at several ways of achieving this, tried out many but this seemed to grow into some blocker on my side and so I shared it with my mentor and for much time this week we have been troubleshooting this.

As you can possibly follow up several commits I had to make some of which I even reset from here.

And then today I again encountered a troublesome issue of having openmrs reference application modules failing to start which has still taken much time for me troubleshooting it. But nevertheless am determined to finish these tasks either this week or as early as next week.

Any assistance about the shared blocker in my blog is highly appreciated, you can just visit the github link above to share what you think about them or comment over from here.




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