GSoC 2014

GSoC 2014 – Define search syntaxes

Hi dear reader,

This week began with such joy as when I received an email that I had passed mid-term evaluation, thanks once again to Google Summer Of Code and OpenMRS for this wonderful opportunity to students.

This week I have been focusing on providing several opinions to the user after he/she makes a such with in the Chart Search Module, I have been working on CSM-25 which deals with Defining search syntax, and I have handled the greatest parts of it. Here is my progress through out this week.

30/06/2014 – Monday

I had my week plan drawn for which I would handle the above ticket/issue, I also wrote some code to test out my plan.

01/07/2014 – Tuesday

I wrote code that deals with separating the text/statement that the user enters in the search box, so that we can handle the search in word form instead of the full sentence, after which we can search for each word separately or a near by word to the specified.

Say for-example if the user searches for “Blood Pressure”, we search for “Blood”, “Blood*”, “*Blood*”, “Blood~” “Pressure”, “Pressure*”, “*Pressure*”, “Pressure~”.

The * character representing all other options, and then ~ character, which handles a search for fracture to return any results with “fracture”, “fractures”, “fracturing”, etc in the name or answer.

I also added use of OR in the search phrase, and handled a search for a numeric like 36 to include 36.*

02/07/2014 – Wednesday

Added support for searching parts of words

Then made a provision for the user to search for a non modified phrase that may contain words, for-example a search for \”Blood Pressure\” returns only where the exact phrase exists.

03/07/2014 – Thursday

Added a way of allowing the user to search over a given field that is searchable, something like “obs:blood” though I still have some issues with this so-far, am handling this with my mentor.

04/07/2014 – Friday

Visited and Communicated with my mentor one on one, about mid-term evaluation and other GSoC related issues.

I then wrote this blog post, and submitted a weekly update.


We have not yet merged this week’s code into the module’s repository on github but you can checkout the Pull Request from here.

Please respond back in-case you have anything you would want us to know about this week’s task or even the past tasks.




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