check and uncheck checkboxes using two links in a drop down

Hi guys, when i needed to check and uncheck a number of check-boxes on my page, as in the demo, at http://jsfiddle.net/FvKZW/5/ i had to write that simple working example, i thought it can be important to some one else so i have decided to share this via this post.

This is the jQuery:

var jq = jQuery;
jq('#selectAll_categories').click(function (event) {
    jq('.category_check').prop('checked', true);
    return false;

jq('#deselectAll_categories').click(function (event) {
    jq('.category_check').prop('checked', false);
    return false;

and here is some html;

<a href="#" id="selectAll_categories">Select All</a>&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp<a href="#" id="deselectAll_categories">Deselect All</a>
										<br /><hr />
<input class="category_check" type="checkbox" name="diagnoses">Diagnoses <a href="#">(1)</a>

<br />
<input class="category_check" type="checkbox" name="labs">Labs <a href="#">(121)</a>
<input class="category_check" type="checkbox" name="meds">Meds <a href="#">(103)</a>

<br />
<input class="category_check" type="checkbox" name="orders">Orders <a href="#">(1002)</a>

<br />
<input class="category_check" type="checkbox" name="reports">Reports <a href="#">(198)</a>

<br />
<input class="category_check" type="checkbox" name="vitals">Vitals <a href="#">(12)</a>

<br />
    <input class="category_check" type="checkbox" name="others">Others <a href="#">(34)</a><br /><hr />

Please let me know if this has been helpful to you?


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