GSoC 2014

GSoC 2014 – week 6 – Finished functionality of category filtering

Hi dear reader, am glad that the mid-term evaluation week is coming to an end and I have fulfilled what I had for quite some time been mentioning in my updates, category filtering; So I think so far this has been my most productive week from since we began GSoC 🙂

Here is my general update for this week;

During the weekend I worked on my mid-term presentation and I was able to submit it and please follow up and reply with what you think about the project from: from here

On 23/06/2014 – Monday
I added concept classes to solr index for mainly filtering purposes, and I submitted my first draft of the mid term evaluation on melange, In-case you did not know, where as am working on GSoC, am still the OpenMRS 1.11 release manager and so I worked on several issues for that release,

On 24/06/2014 – Tuesday
I wrote code for filtering selected categories from the UI via check, UN-check check-boxes, and I replied questions and ideas I received as replies as responses for my mid-term presentation. Among others.

On 25/06/2014 – Wednesday
I worked on passing selected categories into the ChartSearchModulePageController then to the search method, you can check this out in my Pull Request I will provide at the end of this post. I communicated with my mentor, DANIEL about some blockers I had and we were able to solve them.

On 26/06/2014 – Thursday.
I wrote filtering using filter queries for all categories I added on monday, this enables the user to select and filter categories, I after wards up-dated my mid-term evaluation on melange.

Finally, On Today, 27/06/2014 – Friday
I have written code that includes faceting to return category names and counts and this feature is now tested well and working so fine for all added categories. I will be working on submitting requests from the chart search page using ajax some time afterwards, I of-course also wrote this blog post and submitted a weekly update.

Am glad, and as I mentioned before, this has been my most interesting and productive week, and you can check-out the code I have written from here
Next week, my first task will be to work on the next testing release of the module,



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