GSoC 2014

GSoC 2014 Week 5 blog post

Hi dear reader;
Here’s my fifth update on my progress on my GSoC 2014 project; CHART SEARCH MODULE FOR REFERENCE APPLICATION.

16/06/2014 – Monday
I debugged the Chart Search Module for Reference Application and was able to come to the knowledge of what was the issues i had last week, after i created a ticket and worked on it and fixed the issue that has for all along been stopping me from seeing results, later the commit was merged into the module’s repo.
Still i communicated with Tal about the progress we have so-far on filters.

17/06/2014 – Tuesday
I made up a plan for implementing faceted search with Solr for categories, i also played around with solr external server so i can be well with facets filtering and counts, drilling down facets etc.
Afterwards i perused through JSON

18/06/2014 – Wednesdays
I began implementing solr faceting at a java level, i wrote code for ChartSearchFacetedSearcher, i worked on OpenMRS 1.11 Release being the release manager for OMRS 1.11, i planned persistence for categories and facets say hibernate issues.

19/06/2014 – Thursday
I wrote more code for managing categories, faceting among others, i also worked on more tasks for OpenMRS 1.11 Release (Wrote the first draft for 1.11 RELEASE page)

20/06/2014 – Friday
Today, i have worked on OpenMRS 1.11 release tasks with Daniel, i also added a commit for managing categories and facets within Chart Search Module, see commit at:
Still i used some time to write this blog post and submit the weekly report.

NEXT: tomorrow night, i will begin to organize for my mid-term presentation and evaluation.

Thanks please for reading through my update.


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