GSoC 2014

GSoC 2014 – Week 4 – Troubleshooting week UPDATE

09/06/2014 – Monday – Public holiday
Blockers: Still had some issues, am troubleshooting with the previous CSM. I spent much of the time troubleshooting issues with the reference application, and I was able to sit it to work fine, then I did some small panning on how I will implement Faceted search to support categories. Later on I looked updates from other interns at which has helped me to spend quite some more time to write a blog post this time round.

10/06/2014 – Tuesday
I set up OpenMRS 2.0 Standalone with a lot of patients for testing purposes in case when I fail running core, I wrote some code for adding breadcrumb onto the Chart Search Main page, and I committed to the module’s repo which later was merged into the repository.
I communicated with Dragggonz via Google Chat on how to set an external solr sever to use it as a dedicated solr server.

11/06/2014 – Wednesday
Did much of troubleshooting indexing patient data issues, I set up the external server as we had previously discussed with Dragggonz, then I added some patient data to the dedicated solr server’s index.
I then perused through Faceted search with Solr. After which I tried setting up remote eclipse debugger for the standalone, I wrote some code for building the categories page model.
I also attended the University Call, and scheduled a hangout with Daniel, my mentor

12/06/2014 – Thursday
I wrote code for categories and subcategories including the hibernate side needed, then I continued troubleshooting dedicated solr server issues with my mentor, I also attended the Developer forum.

13/06/2014 – Friday
Having gotten several issues with dedicated solr server, my mentor suggested that we rather troubleshoot issues with embedded solr server and that is much of what I have been doing today besides writing my blog post update for this week, I will continuing this tomorrow night.


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