GSoC 2014

GSoC 2014 week three, ChartSearch module for reference application

This week has been quite challenging to me, I had some blockers that slowed my progress, i tried to contact Dragggonz and my mentor about the blockers, though for the current CSM from openmrs repository, i have still failed to fix until now, then today i had to visit Daniel so we can clear up the previous failure before when we were setting up to begin from his first prototype about solr which is at

Here is a brief update on what i have been doing through out this week.

1. Set up Daniel’s prototype for CSM.
2. Added a Commit for CSM-58
3. Troubleshooted Reference Application issue and reported the issue/blocker to the developer’s list
4. Blockers(2): update 1 and 3

03/06/2014 – Tuesday (Public Holiday)
1. Troubleshooted The above two blockers, the second with my mentor
2. Blockers: 2

04/06/2014 – Wednesday
1. Blockers: 2
2. Still fixed issues with the previous repositories for CSM with Daniel
3. Edited some files, writing some unit test where necessary.
4. Communicated with Dragggonz about the first release of CSM last year’s GSoC

05/06/2014 – Thursday
1. Found a temporary solution to blocker number 1, And replied to the dev list
2. Responded back about after testing the omods Dragggonz sent me which were working on his machine.

06/06/2014 – Friday
2. Troubleshooted Daniel’s prototype’s issues with him in person.
3. Explored non-embedded solr features.



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