check and uncheck checkboxes using two links in a drop down

Hi guys, when i needed to check and uncheck a number of check-boxes on my page, as in the demo, at http://jsfiddle.net/FvKZW/5/ i had to write that simple working example, i thought it can be important to some one else so i have decided to share this via this post.

This is the jQuery:

var jq = jQuery;
jq('#selectAll_categories').click(function (event) {
    jq('.category_check').prop('checked', true);
    return false;

jq('#deselectAll_categories').click(function (event) {
    jq('.category_check').prop('checked', false);
    return false;

and here is some html;

<a href="#" id="selectAll_categories">Select All</a>&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp<a href="#" id="deselectAll_categories">Deselect All</a>
										<br /><hr />
<input class="category_check" type="checkbox" name="diagnoses">Diagnoses <a href="#">(1)</a>

<br />
<input class="category_check" type="checkbox" name="labs">Labs <a href="#">(121)</a>
<input class="category_check" type="checkbox" name="meds">Meds <a href="#">(103)</a>

<br />
<input class="category_check" type="checkbox" name="orders">Orders <a href="#">(1002)</a>

<br />
<input class="category_check" type="checkbox" name="reports">Reports <a href="#">(198)</a>

<br />
<input class="category_check" type="checkbox" name="vitals">Vitals <a href="#">(12)</a>

<br />
    <input class="category_check" type="checkbox" name="others">Others <a href="#">(34)</a><br /><hr />

Please let me know if this has been helpful to you?

GSoC 2014

GSoC 2014 – week 6 – Finished functionality of category filtering

Hi dear reader, am glad that the mid-term evaluation week is coming to an end and I have fulfilled what I had for quite some time been mentioning in my updates, category filtering; So I think so far this has been my most productive week from since we began GSoC 🙂

Here is my general update for this week;

During the weekend I worked on my mid-term presentation and I was able to submit it and please follow up and reply with what you think about the project from: from here

On 23/06/2014 – Monday
I added concept classes to solr index for mainly filtering purposes, and I submitted my first draft of the mid term evaluation on melange, In-case you did not know, where as am working on GSoC, am still the OpenMRS 1.11 release manager and so I worked on several issues for that release,

On 24/06/2014 – Tuesday
I wrote code for filtering selected categories from the UI via check, UN-check check-boxes, and I replied questions and ideas I received as replies as responses for my mid-term presentation. Among others.

On 25/06/2014 – Wednesday
I worked on passing selected categories into the ChartSearchModulePageController then to the search method, you can check this out in my Pull Request I will provide at the end of this post. I communicated with my mentor, DANIEL about some blockers I had and we were able to solve them.

On 26/06/2014 – Thursday.
I wrote filtering using filter queries for all categories I added on monday, this enables the user to select and filter categories, I after wards up-dated my mid-term evaluation on melange.

Finally, On Today, 27/06/2014 – Friday
I have written code that includes faceting to return category names and counts and this feature is now tested well and working so fine for all added categories. I will be working on submitting requests from the chart search page using ajax some time afterwards, I of-course also wrote this blog post and submitted a weekly update.

Am glad, and as I mentioned before, this has been my most interesting and productive week, and you can check-out the code I have written from here
Next week, my first task will be to work on the next testing release of the module,


GSoC 2014

GSoC 2014 Week 5 blog post

Hi dear reader;
Here’s my fifth update on my progress on my GSoC 2014 project; CHART SEARCH MODULE FOR REFERENCE APPLICATION.

16/06/2014 – Monday
I debugged the Chart Search Module for Reference Application and was able to come to the knowledge of what was the issues i had last week, after i created a ticket and worked on it and fixed the issue that has for all along been stopping me from seeing results, later the commit was merged into the module’s repo.
Still i communicated with Tal about the progress we have so-far on filters.

17/06/2014 – Tuesday
I made up a plan for implementing faceted search with Solr for categories, i also played around with solr external server so i can be well with facets filtering and counts, drilling down facets etc.
Afterwards i perused through JSON

18/06/2014 – Wednesdays
I began implementing solr faceting at a java level, i wrote code for ChartSearchFacetedSearcher, i worked on OpenMRS 1.11 Release being the release manager for OMRS 1.11, i planned persistence for categories and facets say hibernate issues.

19/06/2014 – Thursday
I wrote more code for managing categories, faceting among others, i also worked on more tasks for OpenMRS 1.11 Release (Wrote the first draft for 1.11 RELEASE page)

20/06/2014 – Friday
Today, i have worked on OpenMRS 1.11 release tasks with Daniel, i also added a commit for managing categories and facets within Chart Search Module, see commit at:
Still i used some time to write this blog post and submit the weekly report.

NEXT: tomorrow night, i will begin to organize for my mid-term presentation and evaluation.

Thanks please for reading through my update.

GSoC 2014

GSoC 2014 – Week 4 – Troubleshooting week UPDATE

09/06/2014 – Monday – Public holiday
Blockers: Still had some issues, am troubleshooting with the previous CSM. I spent much of the time troubleshooting issues with the reference application, and I was able to sit it to work fine, then I did some small panning on how I will implement Faceted search to support categories. Later on I looked updates from other interns at which has helped me to spend quite some more time to write a blog post this time round.

10/06/2014 – Tuesday
I set up OpenMRS 2.0 Standalone with a lot of patients for testing purposes in case when I fail running core, I wrote some code for adding breadcrumb onto the Chart Search Main page, and I committed to the module’s repo which later was merged into the repository.
I communicated with Dragggonz via Google Chat on how to set an external solr sever to use it as a dedicated solr server.

11/06/2014 – Wednesday
Did much of troubleshooting indexing patient data issues, I set up the external server as we had previously discussed with Dragggonz, then I added some patient data to the dedicated solr server’s index.
I then perused through Faceted search with Solr. After which I tried setting up remote eclipse debugger for the standalone, I wrote some code for building the categories page model.
I also attended the University Call, and scheduled a hangout with Daniel, my mentor

12/06/2014 – Thursday
I wrote code for categories and subcategories including the hibernate side needed, then I continued troubleshooting dedicated solr server issues with my mentor, I also attended the Developer forum.

13/06/2014 – Friday
Having gotten several issues with dedicated solr server, my mentor suggested that we rather troubleshoot issues with embedded solr server and that is much of what I have been doing today besides writing my blog post update for this week, I will continuing this tomorrow night.

GSoC 2014

GSoC 2014 week three, ChartSearch module for reference application

This week has been quite challenging to me, I had some blockers that slowed my progress, i tried to contact Dragggonz and my mentor about the blockers, though for the current CSM from openmrs repository, i have still failed to fix http://pastebin.com/uCDag2cE until now, then today i had to visit Daniel so we can clear up the previous failure before when we were setting up to begin from his first prototype about solr which is at https://github.com/dkayiwa/openmrs-module-solr

Here is a brief update on what i have been doing through out this week.

1. Set up Daniel’s prototype for CSM.
2. Added a Commit for CSM-58
3. Troubleshooted Reference Application issue and reported the issue/blocker to the developer’s list
4. Blockers(2): update 1 and 3

03/06/2014 – Tuesday (Public Holiday)
1. Troubleshooted The above two blockers, the second with my mentor
2. Blockers: 2

04/06/2014 – Wednesday
1. Blockers: 2
2. Still fixed issues with the previous repositories for CSM with Daniel
3. Edited some files, writing some unit test where necessary.
4. Communicated with Dragggonz about the first release of CSM last year’s GSoC

05/06/2014 – Thursday
1. Found a temporary solution to blocker number 1, And replied to the dev list
2. Responded back about after testing the omods Dragggonz sent me which were working on his machine.

06/06/2014 – Friday
2. Troubleshooted Daniel’s prototype’s issues with him in person.
3. Explored non-embedded solr features.