GSoC 2014

CSM-58 Define categories – GSoC Week 2

GSoC 2014 Daily Update – Second week

This week I have been working on CSM-58, I decided to work on this issue with my mentor having postponed work on (CSM-25) which would have been my next ticket according to my project plan: see plan’s wiki page here.

For this week, here is my progress on a daily basis from Sunday to Friday(Today);

On Sunday, 25/05/2014
I did plan for the week and looked into several documentations.

Monday, 26/05/2014
1. Looked into the available Code from Tobin’s team.
2. Communicated with Tal and Eli as far as CSM si concerned and what they have been doing via Google-chat.
3. Troubleshooted some bugs in CSM’s code.
4. Went through and made some subtasks from it
5. Blockers:(2) CSM is not returning results, and jQuery not working as expected in ui-framework.

Tuesday, 27/05/2014
1. Implemented some parts of resister categories
2. Blockers:(2) CSM is not returning results, and jQuery not working as expected in ui-framework.
3. Scheduled hangout with Tobin’s team and my mentor to discuss Blockers and other issues with CSM which did not happen.

Wednesday, 28/05/2014
1. Troubleshooted some Spring MVC related issues.
2. Read about Spring Annotation Based Controllers.
3. Worked on some parts of registering categories to filter returned results after which I made an initial commit in a Pull request for CSM-58 i created.
4. University Call.
5. Blockers: None

Thursday, 29/05/2014
1. Read/Researched about Faceted Search with Lucene/Solr which is what am planning to use to implement categories and sub-categories
2. Added a second commit for CSM-58 where I wrote some initially though of DiagnosesCategoryFilter etc, and made some changes to my initial commit.
3. Developers forum.
4. Searched for omod file for CSM before merging Tobin’s teams’ branch into openmrs CSM repo to test results before the merge.
5. Was able to re-trace and compile and run the first module omod before we merged CSM openmrs repo with Tobin’s team branch and wrote to Dragggonz, about the behavior code he wrote for GSoC 2013 , having played around with what he implemented.
6. Blockers: None.

Friday, 29/05/2014
1. Coded DiagnosesCategoryFilter
2. added a commit for DiagnosesCategoryFilter
3. write this weekly Blog Post.
4. Submitted a weekly report.
5. Blockers: None.

In general I have had a very busy week with lots of troubleshooting work and researching, then also coding as can be found in a pull request for CSM-58.
Will be pushing further and hoping to get more feedback about my code as i have already began receiving from Burke,
This week is indeed a great learning experience for me, Am learning to interact with the OpenMRS data model and to practically use the OpenMRS API, plus Spring MVC, UI framework among others,
Pending: I failed to have the hangout with Daniel and Tobin’s team and so i still have not been able to clear the two blockers i reported on Monday and Tuesday.


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