GSoC 2014

User Interface Development (GSoC 2014 week 1)

This is what I have for this first week’s development in GSoC 2014;

Chart Search Module UI

Week 1’s work plan

  1. Changing chart search icon on Patient client facing page. (CSM-54)
  2. Adding Category filter UI feature. (CSM-21)
  3. Add a patient header to the chart search module page. (CSM-61)



19/05/2014 – GSoC 2014 Daily Update

  1. Changed Chart Search Icon and label (Fixed CSM-54)

  2. Created and added a prototype on how the Category filter might look like (At CSM-21). Please check this out and reply what you think.

  3. Worked on CSM-61 and added an initial commit. Continuing work here.

  4. Blockers: Not much

20/05/2014 – GSoC 2014 Daily Update

  1. Added a patient header on to the Chart Search page and removed all previous labels(Fixed CSM-61)

  2. Added some initial ui for categories filter (CSM-21)

  3. Blockers: (1) Very small description at, commit at, and what I need

21/05/2014 – GSoC 2014 Daily Update

  1. Added an initial commit on CSM-21

  2. Reading openmrs-2.0 core developers guide.

  3. Resolving review comments at

  4. Blockers: (1), Yesterday’s issue

22/05/2014 – GSoC 2014 Daily Update

  1. Revisited Spring MVC.

  2. Added a categories filter onto the chart search module’s user interface. (CSM-21)

  3. Fixed the blocker I had from Tuesday.

  4. Developers forum.

  5. Using jQuery to implement the behavior of the categories filter currently.

  6. Blockers: None.

23/05/2014 – GSoC 2014 Daily Update

  1. Blog Post.

  2. Categories filter functionality with Jquery

  3. Weekly report

  4. Blockers: None



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