GSoC 2014

Community bonding period

Objectives for the Community Bonding Period

From 21st – April, to 18th – May, we are now going through the Community Bonding period for this (2014)year’s GSoC and this is what I expect to achieve within this same time.

  • Get to Know my mentor(s); Daniel and Tobin.

  • Intense reading Documentations for Solr/Lucene,

  • Exploring of available Chart Search tools.

  • Contact Tobin’s Team to checkout what they are currently working on.

  • Finalize with a whole documentation of the period and post a time-line which I hope to follow to ensure that I leave nothing out and do all in time.

Accomplished by now:

This week I have been contacting Tobin’s team, and after finishing my end of semester exams looked into the Solr Documentations in much details and am still Doing that until next week when I hope to publish a much more detailed project plan before I will be getting on board to begin coding on 19th – May.



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