GSoC 2014

Participating in GSoC 2014


Am glad to announce to you that I on 21st April 2014 received an acceptance email from Google to participate in GsoC 2014 saying; ‘Your proposal “Chart Search for the Reference Application” submitted to OpenMRS has been accepted for Google Summer of Code 2014…….. ‘ 🙂

I have already updated my Blog here and added a new GSoC 2014 category where am going to maintain my weekly progress updates, And now this post is acting as introduction to my plan about this opportunity and a brief update of what is already done.

What I have done from my acceptance!!!

  • I already have an OpenMRS account, and already subscribed to the main OpenMRS mailing lists.

  • I introduced my self to OpenMRS talk already see the general intro here or the GSoC 2014 intro here

  • I have done some communication(s) with my mentor(s) and soon hope to come up with a detailed project plan which I will post here as well.

  • Once again my Blog is ready and am prepared to submit a weekly status report.

  • Currently going through the scope and documentation, so am ready to begin coding by 19th May 2014. Am in a meantime linking up with my mentor(s) @Daniel and @Tobin





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