Best linux commands and shortcuts you should always keep in mind

I have created this tutorial or article basing on Ubuntu, Release 12.04 (precise) 32-bit, Kernel Linux 3.2.0-17-generic-pae, GNOME 3.4.2  as the experimented on Linux distribution.

Realizing that there are some commands that i frequently run as a linux user, forced me to learn of most frequently used commands on the linux platform that i share in this article.

there are some things that may disturb your mind yet indeed there solutions are very simple and short, say forexample,

Redocking a slide pane in Open Office Impress

it took me some time to find out that this is done by simply clicking Ctrl + Double-click(Left) on the gray area that contains the “slides” word or label on the Slide Pane window or View

Such crucial solutions as that are the ones that i capture in this post,

There are several navigation shortcuts, but i believe that these are very important so far,

Alt + Tab                      ;   Navigate through several windows on the same workspace,   you can also use

the Button  with ~ character on HP to preview the window

Ctrl + Alt + Letf/Right   ;   Move or switch from one workspace to another

Ctrl + Alt + D                ;   Minimise all the open windows on that particular workspace

Bash/Terminal commands



sudo                               ;   interpreted as Substitute of user do

sudo su                   ;   used to log in as root or a root user, this prompts for input of your password, and to

install softwares from packages downloaded from the Internet, we log in as root

chown                            ;   used to change ownership of a file

cd ~                                ;   go to your /home/username   directory

cd –                                 ;   go back to the directory that you were previously in.



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